Transatlantic Dealmaking – 2016 Outlook for US/UK M&A

In alliance with Merrill Corporation and the support of British American Business, The M&A Advisor is pleased to present “Transatlantic Dealmaking - 2016 Outlook for US/UK M&A”.

Winston Churchill coined the phrase “special relationship” in 1946 to describe the exceptionally close bond between the UK and the US. Almost 70 years later, our countries continue to enjoy unique political, diplomatic, cultural, economic, military and historical ties.

One of the benefactors of this relationship is a very robust merger and acquisition industry between the countries, considered the most volumous cross border collaboration and often described as the “longest running love affair in M&A”. Over the past 15 years, there has been over $1.3 trillion in US/UK M&A deal flow.

On the heels of this record year in domestic and cross border M&A, we have assembled a salon roundtable of industry leading investors, advisors and market watchers to discuss the year past and share with us their outlook for what lies ahead.

You’re invited to join us for an insightful conversation amongst our leading US/UK M&A experts in this exclusive invitation-only “Live Web Broadcast” from the Merrill Conference center in midtown Manhattan.

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