For those involved in trans-Atlantic business, 2016 was a tumultuous year. The two outstanding events that are likely to have repercussions for the M&A community for many years to come are the election of Donald Trump as US president and the vote by the people of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The M&A Advisor’s Annual M&A summit held in New York on November 9, the day after the presidential election, addressed the second of these.

The M&A Advisor president and Co-CEO David Fergusson chaired a Stalwarts roundtable discussion entitled “Corporate Finance during the Brexit Vote: A UK M&A Playbook.”

Fergusson was joined by veteran M&A professionals who do business in all corners of the world - Wendy Mendenhall, managing director, BritishAmerican Business; Ceasar N. Anquillare, chairman and CEO, Winchester Capital; Warwick Smith, managing partner—Global Public Policy, Instinctif Partners; Ian Jamieson, CEO, Jamieson Corporate Finance; James Greig, partner, White & Case; Dr. Alexis Crow, lead, Geopolitical Opportunity Practice, PwC; Marshall Sonenshine, chairman, Sonenshine Partners; professor, Harvard University Law School; Pavle Sabic, head of Market Development—Corporates, S&P Global Market Intelligence; and Matthew Bishop, globalization editor, The Economist; author of Economics: An A–Z Guide.

The principal topics covered in this report include:
  • The Brexit Process
  • Financial Services Impact
  • Pernicious Uncertainty
  • M&A Outlook
  • Failing Elites
The overwhelming conclusion from this symposium session was that uncertainty will characterize the British and broader European scene for the foreseeable future. Yet, Brexit brings with it opportunities for M&A.

We hope that the insight is informative and proves valuable for you. We encourage and welcome your thoughts on the subject of Corporate Finance During the Brexit Vote.

David Fergusson

President & Co-CEO
The M&A Advisor