Thank you for your interest in nominating for the EMEA Corporate Development Awards!

There are four different award category types: Corporate Performance, Transactions, Corporate Development Team and Corporate Development Professionals.

We have made it easy for you to participate, with the option of nominating and providing the submission details for the category yourself or, nominating and having our market intelligence team gather and prepare the submission information.

And yes, you can choose one submission method for one category i.e. nominate and provide detailed submission details, and the alternative method i.e. nominate and have our team gather the submission detail, for another.


You can nominate for one or more categories in the same submission form.

Please complete the form below by providing the name of the company, name of the transaction, name of the company and name of the professional. You may nominate multiple candidates in each category.

Corporate Performance Awards
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You can nominate for one or more categories in the same submission form.

Please prepare and submit your detailed submission by following the following steps:
  • Create an account to manage your nomination submissions
  • Select the Award category
  • Name your nomination
  • Provide an overview (maximum 200 words) about the firm, transaction, team or professional using the following evaluating criteria:
    1. Corporate Performance Award:
      • Application of innovation in product, service or process
      • Organic business growth
      • Geographic market expansion
      • M&A and/or alliance
      • Business turnaround
    2. Transaction Award:
      • Challenges to execution
      • Unique attributes
      • Activities of the deal team
      • Benefits to company and stakeholders
    3. Corporate Development Team Award:
      • Internal team members
      • External team members
      • Distinguishable unique attributes of team
      • Accomplishments of the team
      • Contribution to the company and its stakeholders
    4. Corporate Development Professional Award:
      • Corporate development experience
      • Career accomplishments
      • Team leadership qualities
      • Unique attributes
  • Provide relevant company, individual, team or transaction information to include:
    • For the Corporate Performance Award nomination, you must provide the firm'sheadquarters location, sector of expertise and company size
    • For Transaction Award nomination you will also be asked to provide sector, company size, the date the deal was complete/closed deal value or value range and deal team members
    • For Corporate Development Team you will also be asked to provide all deal team members, their location, and industry of expertise.

Click Here to begin the nomination preparation and submission process. Good luck!


The awards nomination criteria are as follows:
  1. To qualify for a Corporate Performance Award, the company must be active in EMEA

  2. To qualify for Transaction Awards, the deal must adhere to the following criteria:
    1. The deal must have a minimum value of £10mm
    2. The deal must have been closed between January 1st, 2015 and November 11th, 2016
    3. Either the buyer or seller must be domiciled in the EMEA

  3. To qualify for a Corporate Development Team Award, the team, operating on the behalf of a corporation (may include internal only or external players), must be in the EMEA region.

  4. To qualify for a Corporate Development Professional Award, the individual must be active in the EMEA region during all or part of the qualifying period.